Very unusual to hear synths like this with this type of metal (I'm not complaining, I like synths). I like this part at around 1:40, reminds me of YES! Parts of this song remind me of Meshuggah. Playing is tight! A lot of this song reminds me of Chimp Spanner and some other guy (can't remember his name right now, but somewhat famous) that hung out on the Line 6 forums. I like it for the most part. Please review my music at this link:

Pretty sick stuff, pretty decent mix. drums sound good but I would bring them up a bit. guitar playing is tight and the tone is good. only thing I would suggest is add a little variety more often, parts like the one at around 1:10 are great and you should use them more often in my opinion. also I kinda didnt really feel the transition. It felt a little forced to go into a clean playing part, so that my only real concern. pretty great stuff here though. also synths were pretty unique in the beggining I liked them a lot. (C4C) https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1450658
Some of the parts sounded a bit generic, but overall very tight and weird too, I like how you bring in things not typical of djent, but they still work very well.
It might just be your gear, but the guitar sounds like it was recorded in a can at some points. The song itself I love, just adjust either the tone sounding a little nicer or get some tighter bass sound behind it. Overall it was alright, just sporadic (which i like, but it almost sounds like you could extend ideas and drag out the song a little more)
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but my fav tech deathcore band is actually emmure. i'd never be able to play **** like that in a million years seriously.
Might be my gear, since I'm using a SpiderIII amp to record.

Also, I dont like to repeat riffs, thats why i dont drag on songs too long.
The tone's not perfect, but having said that I can't get a djent recording tone either, yours is better than mine at least
The bit at 1:02 was awesome, I think you would benefit greatly from havingmore riffs like this, as in having more than just one note, this riff kinda reminded me of Keith Merrow, in a good way.
The bit at 1:40 I thought went on a little long, maybe you coulda added more synths in this part to make it a bit more interesting? If you added synths I can see it sounding like chimp spanner (as someone said above)

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1453146
WOWW! LUV those high ass riff things on the synth. Very fun rhythms going on too, and panning on the guitar. Harmony to MY taste, lacking. a tad YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNN but really do appreciate that you are just goin for it. I would REALLY like if those chord stabs where all over the place though. OH LUV THIS SOLO AND HOW THE DRUMS CHANGED UP HAHA THIS HIS GREAT! wow luv shit like this. Really do . I LUV when shit dont repeat. I like this new space section. GOOD JOB MAN GET PROUD!

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