Hi , im new and i dont know excalty where i would post this but im talking about a technique so maybe it fits here.

Im having trouble keeping speed during the main riffs (the one with the open A string and the chords, making the "galloping sound")

do i just use downstrokes for this part or do i use alternate picking? I heard using alternate picking while doing chugs is bad idea, but i dont know how to keep the beat with the song with just downstrokes.
Playing that with just downstrokes will be almost impossible given that it is the equivalent of 8ths at 276bpm (16ths at 138). To put that in perspective, Master of Puppets is something like 212bpm.

I play it with alternate picking, I don't know of anyone personally who can downpick anywhere near that fast. The fastest I can do comfortably is around 220-230 and I'm not exactly a beginner.
I don't know of anybody that doesn't use alternate picking for that riff. And whoever told you that using alternate picking for chugging is a bad idea needs to have their head examined.
oh, so it is ok , ty god! i just didnt understand how it was possible with downstrokes, be so much easier with alternate picking, now i just need to get use to it and ill be good throught out the whole song well expect the solo, but ill pratice that lol!
yah im reading tab, which seems to be really accurate tab (its from this site) to the live version from the album tribute. and it seems like the beggining part of the riff begins with three chugs and the rest four.

Ty you so guys, all my fustration for that part is now gone
sorry gedlin i dont quite understand what you mean. im kind of a noob still at guitar and i dont get what you ment by 4 sixteeths? i think i understand most of what you meant, but can you just give an explanation? just to make sure.

thank you
oh yah i get it, yah so when you start its

0 miss 00 chord 0 0 0 0 chord 0 0 0 0 chord 0 0 0 0 chord -insert lick here- Repeat!
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Try practicing without missing that note in the first gallop. Once you have the overall rhythm down, introduce that miss into the chugging. Play it VERRRRY slowly, so you can analyze how the whole riff fits with the beat of the song.

yah i was thinking about that, ty.

also one thing i learned about guitar, always play slowly till you know it by heart

ive been playing guitar for about 7 and half months, so im trying to learn different techniques and scales. im learning alot from this one song, such as pinch harmonics, and natural harmonics and alternate picking.
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yit seems like the beggining part of the riff begins with three chugs and the rest four.

I've heard it played all 4 or 3 then the rest 4. I personally will play it either way, but it doesn't really matter. What really matters is that you are accurate and clean. No one is going to notice if you play all 4 or remember to do 3 then 4. It's more about the mood than anything else. If you nail the aggressiveness and accuracy of that riff, no one in the crowd is going to count your sixteenth notes in that ONE beat at the beginning of every riff.
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good point ^and on a side note, any advice for the lick the 2nd time when the riff comes to the 4p2p0 down the g, d, a strings? (besides pratice)

i know its pull off but damn it goes so ast i cant tell its a pull off lol.

to be clear i love praticing i do for along time a day, but theres always a trick that guitar players use, so i was just wondering if there would be one for that.
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