Hello all. I bought a new ESP guitar with a floyd rose about two years ago. After some adjustments after changing string sizes, it was working great. Until not too long ago.

Now the lower gauge strings won't stay in the bridge string holders. they just pop right out. Also i've noticed lately that there is an unusual amount of tightness to the strings, i.e. harder to bend in tune.

Intonation and sustain has also been suffering lately as well. when I first got it, it would sing like a bird and sustain a note forever. Now...not so much.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm new to adjusting floyds, but I've read the guide in this forum.

I just bought a Peavey Valveking, so it is especially frustrating that my guitar is now giving me problems :P
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do a full set-up on the whole guitar. I suspect that your sustain issues are due to a truss-rod issue. after that, do a full, step by step set-up of the trem unit. this may be a process that would be worth paying for a pro to do properly if you aren't comfortable.

the issues you described sound like set-up issues, not part issues
If the strings are popping out then it's probably a worn saddle.
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check that that little plastic brick type thing in the hole is orientated properly, that is with the little indent facing the right direction. did that once, never did it again. its one of those things that are so simple but can be a big PITA to diagnose.

if that fails, set it up.