I recently refinished my Fender strat.
Once again something went wrong, just my luck.
I ended up staining it natural mahogany.
But somehow I sanded into a sealer coat that I didn't think they put on it.
So where the stain ran into the rough spots, it looks black, mostly on the edges, making it look like it's burned.
So since I'm at the point of not even caring that I messed up, are burned guitars stylish or do they just look like garbage to everyone else?
Cusp of Magic
Let's see some pics... You can always paint it.
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i thought about painting it, but all i got is a can of red enamel. And that stuff takes literally forever to dry, unless some of you have some suggestions.
But I'm applying clear coat tomorrow, so once it's dry and reassembled I will have pictures available.
Cusp of Magic
If you wanted to stain the wood properly, you'd have to sand back the original finish completely - including the tough sealer coat that was applied at the factory. You want the guitar striped right back to bare wood if you're using a wood stain/dye.

If I were you, I'd take it right back and start again, making sure you are applying the stain/dye directly to the wood and not a sealer coat.
Welp, here it is, the finished product. Stained, glossed, and pickguard painted. Sorry the photo isn't detailed or high quality, so how's it look?

Cusp of Magic
wow...myne turned out way worse than that....umm....I think it looks fine...a little 80's...but fine...
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Like you said, hard to tell in the photo, but bottomline is that the main person who matters how they like it is you. Unless you gig with it; then it's your audience ;-)

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