guys i really need your help on this one. can anyone give me a crash course in using a peavy vypyr 15? i've got a gig tmr and i still haven't laid my hands on that amp. i'm gonna get it by tmr afternoon and i may not have enough time to figure out the functions and from what i heard, it's kinda hard to use.

alright let me tell you guys what i'm gonna do. i'm performing a pop song and i'm putting in a solo. so what i plan to do is to set the vypyr on a clean channel and use a distortion pedal to bring the distortion on when the solo comes in. but my friend has told me that a small mistake can make the amp go crazy. so i really need your help on how to make this go smoothly. (especially when i turn the pedal on and off)

thanks alot guys
Theres a total of 8 knobs on there. Starting from the far left, Your amp setting, your effects setting, your equalizer/ effects tweaking, and then your volume.Your amp setting and effects setting knobs are clickable. If you click the amp setting, you switch from "dirty" and "clean" channels. They have seperate eq's. If you click the effects setting knob, your eq turns into something completely different. Starting from the left of the eq, you have; effects parameter 1, effects parameter 2, delay parameter 1, delay parameter 2, and reverb. Experiment with the parameters, see what they do to each effect. You also have 12 presets. When you find the settings you like, hold down one of the 4 buttons towards the bottom right and it will save those settings to the designated button. You also have a fifth button to the left that switches "bank"s of presets. Theres 3 banks and 4 presets in each bank.

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alright so bottom line is that once i have a clean tone and that i've got a good eq setting on it,what do i NOT TOUCH to **** the thing up? cos all i want is a clean tone out of the vypyr and the rest will be all about my pedals.