I recently found a website V-Picks.com that sells special acrylic picks in all shapes and thicknesses. The picks are mostly handmade and hand-beveled. Vinni (the inventor of V-Picks) claims that they boost the tone of your guitar, that they're easier to hold, and that they won't slip from your fingers.

IMHO, true, true, and true.

I play metal, so I bought the Switchblade and the Shredder Lite, both of which have pointed tips for fast riffing. They even sent me a free pick, the Screamer. The sharp edges reduce string squeak and they will take forever to go dull. As for tone, the picks are relatively heavy for their size (especially the Screamer), and that gives the notes a fatter and twangier attack.

When you use a really thin plastic pick, you need to grip it firmly so that you don't accidentally drop it while doing your rendition of the solo from Freebird. The V-Picks seem to warm up to your hand and don't slip, so you don't need to grip as hard. As a result, your hand won't cramp up.

The basic picks cost around $2.99-3.99 per pick, but there are premium picks that can cost upwards of $9.99.
The purpose of this forum is to share opinions about the many different V-Picks. It would be too expensive to buy and try them all, so it would be nice if other people could post info about other V-Picks
Do it. The Dimension Jr. unbuffed is easily my fav pick ever.
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I just got the medium rounded and the unbuffed dimension. The rounded gives a very fluid and soft attack. Kinda dampens the gain if you're using distortion, but sometimes you want that smooth sound. The unbuffed dimension is INSANE! It's a thick pick, so it really picks loudly. the unbuffed edge gives a legato-ey sound on the lower strings. When you play power chords with it, the chords have a harder bite and more sustain, because it's not just a thin tip plucking the notes, but rather, a rough edge that kinda flows through the notes.
i would love to try one, but at the rate i go though picks, could never justify spending >$3 on a pick $30 worth would be gone in a week.

i would have to put a radio tracking device on it so i could find them, and somehow i don't think it would be comfortable that way... lol.
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while they very well may be the best picks around, I would buy alot of them, because i lose alot of them. and i just cant see blowing that much money on picks.
im not saying they aren't good, as im sure they are amazing, but i am saying that my financially, its not worth it for me.
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i used a couple, and i could help noticing it took about 2 weeks to wear down 1 edge. and that whole "heats up your hand and doesnt slip".....idk it happens like 30% of the time. but for loq tunings, my dunlop ultex just has so much more attack
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hey, which V-pick would be most similar to the dunlop nylon .63mm pick?

Get the Ultra Lite medium pointed (or rounded) pick. It's .8 mm and has a little flex to it. IMHO, the whole point in getting a V-Pick is for the sharper and louder attack or for the grip. If you're looking for for something as flexible as the Dunlop .63, you might as well stick to Dunlop. V-Picks generally have very little (or zero) flex
Don't think I'll be replacing my $3.95/dozen 2mm Gator Grips with these anytime soon...
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don't lose your picks.

This. So much this.

I keep mine in a plastic container that used to have staples in it. I take them out and put them back when I'm done and I honestly have not lost a single pick since.
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I was given the Medium Rounded with a set of BG pups, loved it! So I bought the Starter pack:
Small Pointed Lite 1.5mm: haven't tried it
Small Pointed 2.75mm: I like it but it takes getting used to.
Medium Ultra Lite Pointed 0.8mm: haven't tried it
Medium Rounded 2.75mm: Love it, usually the first one I grab
Medium Pointed 2.75mm: like it just like the rounded
Large Ultra Lite Pointed .8mm: Havent used it
Screamer 2.75mm: Tried it a few times, but the MR or MP usually ends up in my hand first
I also have:
Diamond: Right up there with the MP/MR but it takes some getting used to.
Snake Unbuffed: Not enough time with it to give an honest answer

I want to try the Dimension's next.
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+1 at the dim. jr. unbuffed!!!

( thanks, Wouter xD )
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These are high quality picks. Interested in trying one or two myself. I would probably be afraid of losing one though at that cost. I'm usually happy with a nice medium gauge pick and don't have any problems with fingers slipping so it's hard to justify the price for me.