My band, and I are looking for the most cost-efficient way to record a few tracks for a demo CD to hand out at shows and stuff.
Lately we've been recording with Garageband, a Peavey 6505+, 6505 4x12 cabinet, and a single USB mic called Snoball, by Blue. (see below)


Everything has been sounding really "paper-y", and I feel that I can make an honest assumption that its the microphone. You can listen to a sound sample on my page, and you'll hear what I mean.

I don't know if the crap guitar tones are because of my complete lack of mixing knowledge, or if its because of the mic. Should I focus more on getting better equipment, or should I get better with working with what I have?
I use a rock band Playstation 2 USB mic and its pretty crappy, but i found that when I started to experiment with mic placement the sounds got a lot better, and yeah mixing will help alot so I'd say start out with trying to find better sounds by improving your track mixing knowledge and if it still doesn't meet your needs then go for better gear
Its your shitty mic, the snowballs are terrible.

Go buy an Audio Interface and record your guitars direct in that and use the amp sims with Garageband
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Thats what I was thinking of doing. Are there any moderately priced interfaces on the market that work well? Isn't there a way to record from guitar to amp, from amp to Garageband?
Go with a USB interface for now, if you want directly from amp you're gonna have to mess around with mic placement and i dont know if i'd trust a USB mic to be honest.
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i use a 35 dollar behringer usb thing i get pretty good recordings. along with mixcraft 5 (windows version of garageband) and amplitube free version

it only has a headphone jack and a guitar jack. i havent tried a mic with a 1/4 jack with it yet
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i use a 35 dollar behringer usb thing i get pretty good recordings. along with mixcraft 5 (windows version of garageband) and amplitube free version

Avoid this

Either of the interfaces you picked are fine
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Best investment I have ever made was my Apogee Gio interface. It's pricey (~$400); but worth ever penny of it.

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