Hey guys.

Now i was looking at the tension between a set normal tension d'ddadario classical strings and a set of 8 guage electric guitar strings..

and the tension was around the same.

Setting tone issues aside.

would this damage the guitar if i was to put a set of electric guitar strings on a classical guitar?

say a set of guage 9 or 8.

I understand the tone won't be the most pleasant.

But I would like too know if this would cause damage to the guitar?

thanks again.

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if they're the same gauge, probably not, but the strings won't fit the nut, tuners or saddle, intonation will probably be off, and the guitar will sound pretty bad. btw, the strings will cut into the saddle as it's not the kind made for wire. my husband says he's seen people break the tie block using steel strings and might wear out the frets very quickly.

btw, d'addario electric lights:
PL010 E 0.010 0.25 16.2 7.35
PL013 B 0.013 0.33 15.4 6.98
PL017 G 0.017 0.43 16.6 7.53
PNG025 D 0.025 0.64 20.3 9.21
PNG035 A 0.035 0.89 21.4 9.71
PNG045 E 0.045 1.14 19.2 8.71

139.1 pounds of pressure

and their hardest tension classicals, not normal tension
J4401 E 0.029 0.737 16.4 7.44
J4402 B 0.0333 0.846 12.5 5.67
J4403 G 0.0416 1.057 12.9 5.85
J4404 D 0.030 0.76 16.3 7.39
J4405 A 0.036 0.91 15.9 7.21
J4406 E 0.045 1.14 15.7 7.12

89.7 pounds of pressure

that would be 50 pounds less for the classicals, and you don't mention what guitar it is, cheap classicals don't always withstand hard nylon strings so well, either.
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DO NOT DO IT, anything those strings touch - frets, nut bridge saddle, will wear down so fast
It will broke, TRUST ME, I did it when i was a kid to my first guitar, intonation went crazy after a time, it couldn't stand the tension, and right now my guitar is hang'd on the wall of my studio, with more than 10 years without playing a single note. DON'T!
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lol I had a kids classical guitar as a kid (go figure), a friend of the family who played bass ws asked to string it and he used steel strings. It didn't break, not sure if he ever put all 6 on it but even the 3 that were on it when I later on started playing had pulled the neck so much you needed some serious power to fret a note. A badly intonated one

Don't do it
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It's like putting wheels on a cat - unnecessary and cruel. Your guitar will not appreciate the added tension and it will either break outright or be warped beyond belief, so do it only at your own risk of having your guitar licence revoked.
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If the tension is indeed the same, it won't do any harm, regardless of the naysayers here.

But what's the purpose?
I agree with Arby to a degree. IF the tension is the same, then it's unlikely you'll do any severe structural damage to the instrument. As Patti notes, the nut slots will be way too big, and you might get some rattle and buzz there.
If the saddle and nut are not of bone or something similar, you will experience rapid wear.

Waaay back when, in the 70s, my wife-to-be left "her" guitar (a nice Martin!) with her ex and was without a guitar. (I didn't play at the time)
She really wanted a guitar, and so I went out and bought her a used Suzuki classical at a music store. It had been strung with steel strings. We were both quite ignorant of guitars at the time....
Nonetheless, she played that little guitar for a couple of years till I started playing and we upgraded...
Now, the Suzuki was a sturdy little plywood thing and probably stronger than many "good" guitars.
So... If you want to experiment, go ahead. Might be a learning experience.
do it! then post pictures of the guitar after it sits for a day. even if it does not snap or some other way destroy the guitar, the long term effects will be extremely poor.
those of you that have done this, how would you tie them at the bridge securely?
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I havn't done it, but if i were to try, I'd just tie it the same way you would normally tie classical strings. I don't see why it would not work.
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but why?


No reason you couldn't just seems silly IMHO
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Yes the nut slot would be extra wide as the nylons are much wider guage.

and i can see the part would wear down. good point.


for those of you who said the tension would damage it.

I CLEARLY said that the strings would be the same tension.

not a set of tens.

but 8's or 9's,

most likely 8's


mm yes sounds very much an un easy task.

thanks for your input very impressed haha.

sounds like it's a shit idea haha.

and the calsssical guitar is this old old japanese classical guitar.

defo not something i'd like to mess around with.
just being hypithetical.


gosh spelling fail.

but thank you all.

defo won't be donig this hahaha

and they could jsut be put in the bridger as you would with say.. nylon ball end strings.


but i guessi t would be more of an issue of wearing parts out and intonation and and rattling, not so much tension destroying guitar.. hmm.

anotehr idea..

i couldnt just use really thick strings eitther.. because the G string is roughly close to the size of the low E.

unless i got a new nut cut.. it wouldn't be possible.

nah so not worth it. haha. cheers.
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