Hey Guys!

I've been reading and testing all sorts of All Valve heads with the purpose of taking pedals. So my shortlist is below, wanted to see if anyone had any experience with any of these - and see if anyone has any recommendations!

Playing style would be anything from driven cleans (RHCP, Radiohead) to more heavy modern rock (Biffy, Muse, Disco Ensemble), anyway, my shortlist!

Egnater 40 Tweaker Head
Vox AC30HWH Head
Blackstar Artisan 100 OR 30 Head
Hayden Mofo 55 Head
Bad Cat BC-50 head

Any thoughts?

Take it easy,

I have only seen videos, but the Hayden looks pretty diecent, just don't know about an FX loop. The Bad Cat is soposedly realy good at acepting the pedals. Egnater makes some realy nice stuff, my friend has the rebel head and it is great.
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I really didn't like the tweaker when I played one. I like the other models in the egnater range, but the tweaker just didn't seem to be that good (I played more than 1).

Definitely try out the Blackstar though. They are great sounding amps and very reliable. I haven't had the chance to play one with pedals personally (I'm not a pedal guy), but I have heard them with fairly sophisticated rigs and it sounded quite good.
I love the sound and the versatility of the Hayden Mofo series.... tho not many people share my sentiments.

The Tweak will also be pretty epic.

Altho note that the Tweaker's a single channel... so a crunchy OD or a distortion pedal will be needed for it. I think if you can match a Tweaker with a ToneCzar Dove... that would be one of the sweetest sounding rigs I can think of.
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any price range? not sure about the hayden, but im pretty sure the bad cat is quite an expensive amp
No too fussed on price range, will go up to £1k if the tone is good enough, would consider second hand too.

Lots of love out there for the Hayden which is interesting, will have to look into it.

I like the Blackstar & Vox for their ability to blend two channels, that's pretty cool - I can spend half the day just watching videos on YouTube reviewing amps but its just so hard to tell through the recordings!

Thanks for all the input so far, its been helpful