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If you are an experienced and/or trained vocalist, then I am calling on YOU. hehe

Alright guys.. I am currently in the process of recording an acoustic song that I am composing. It is rare that I actually find good melodies, both acoustically and vocally, so I want to take full advantage of my situation.
I, myself, am not much of a singer though I have a passion for it. I can write really profound and meaningful lyrics, but the only thing that holds me back is my voice. I believe I can sing well.. but to a very limited extent. My range is sooo limited that at times I want to just slit my throat, but that is stupid and is besides the point; I want to know of ways to keep my throat clear because I notice I sing better when it is clear.

What are ways that I can help keep my throat clear and presentable? I know the most obvious one is to stay hydrated.. I'm on it already.
I also want to know these ways because I'd rather me speak in my deep voice rather than my tired, soft voice.

Thx in advance.
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