So I installed EMG's the other day into my ibanez. I want to sell my old pickups which are inf 1&2. Anyone have an idea of how much I could sell them at max price?

Also, during my installation of the EMG's, my edge III bridge somehow broke, and two of the locking pins for my strings fell out... -_- Sooo, I would like to get a new trem bridge. I've heard good things about the Edge Pro cause you can drop it right in, and it works like it's supposed to. Does anyone have an idea as to how much an Edge Pro would cost?
Sorry, i guess it can go in Electric Guitar or GG and A, my bad. I put my pickup question in Electric Guitar.
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Inf 1 & 2? You can try $20 per piece.
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about 14c, johnny mac.

ibanez rules should have prices on the edge pro.

though make sure it's a direct swap. I hear a lot of things on the internet about supposed direct swaps etc., and if often transpires that one person's idea of a direct swap is not the same as another's
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You'd be lucky to get $20 each. Check Ebay, prices on INFs are between $10 and $15 for BIN singles, but there's no indication they're actually selling. Sets are getting bid on at $15-20.

There's an edge pro bridge for $35 on ebay too.