New Stuff Day... or...
New Glass-Tubes of Awsome Tones Day!

Well, yesterday it was finally my birthday (it's been a while, feels like a year since my last one!), an so time to show some new crap for me! But no Amp-shaped Cake this year...

However my good camera is still at Uni, so i hope you all like 3.2MP phone cameras :P

For starters, my main gift, not guitar gear, but music related...

My record player, i have long been...um... longing for...
Amazing sound, better than i expected from an all-in-one record player, and it looks sexy so that's always a benefit.

And a few records to go with it:

I even went through my Mum's old records and found a few gems... a Yazoo...

Anywho, enough of this vinyl prons, on to the main show, my new Tubes for my AC30!

Im sure Cathbard may remember my seemingly infinite repertoire of tube questions, but i have finally got them, including newer tubes: JJ power and rectifier tubes, and Tung Sol Pre-Amp. I also have my NOS RFTs, to attempt to darken/smooth out my AC30 somewhat.

So far i have put in the new Power Tubes (surprisingly replacing some rather more dead JJs that were in there, presumabley from when if died before and got fixed up by Korg, i was expecting cheaper tubes!), with the Tung Sols in the Preamp, and i must say, it is so clear now, im currently loving the Normal Channel cleans, however the top boost still feels a bit too biting and hollow when the Gain is cranked, so thats where the RFTs will come in!

Unfortunately, my Jazzmaster is also at Uni, so its back to my Epi Les Paul for now, but the coil Tapped JB in the bridge sounds great so far on the newly re-tubed amp!

However, now its time for a question. Which Pre-Amp tube does what in an AC30CC1?
from what I've read, i believe its:
V1: Normal Channel+ base tone of Top Boost
V2: Second gain stage of Top Boost
V3: Phase Inverter
So correct me if im wrong!
I was planning on keep the Tung Sol in V1, with RFTs in the other two!

Also, off on a tangent, could i get any suggestions for NPN Germanium Transisters for my Fuzz Face clone, to give me that Hendrix-esque smooth, creamy boost (obviously with the fuzz dimed in to my dirty Vox). Which trannies are used in the Sun Face Fuzzes? Are they NPN?

What is the make and model of that all in one turntable?
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It is indeed a Happy Stuff Day

Its a Steepletone, 70's style, its got Stereo Speakers, 3-Speed, and built in radio or USB connection, its a nice lil unit. Now i can finally start my record collection!

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