Im not sure if this only works with chrome but you may know you now find results for images you upload or drag and drop into the searchbar, I haven't figured out how to fully exploit this yet but drag this

makes for some interesting reading.
also vomit.

or upload a picture of your own face and look at all the ugly, ugly people google thinks you look like.
I love my keyboardist, he's hot.

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The Llama Forum Bagel Group
...lovely stuff
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Let's warm our wings, fly through the clouds, and dance in the sky, mon capitaine.

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Spit is a milf

Semen is not only nutritious, but it also has a wonderful texture and amazing cooking properties. Like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants. Despite all of these positive qualities, semen remains neglected as a food. This book hopes to change that. Once you overcome any initial hesitation, you will be surprised to learn how wonderful semen is in the kitchen. Semen is an exciting ingredient that can give every dish you make an interesting twist. If you are a passionate cook and are not afraid to experiment with new ingredients - you will love this cook book!
well thanks for "blowing the load" so to speak....
there you have it folks, next time your making a sandwich, yaknow, jizz in it
Brings a whole new meaning to making your own dinner I guess.

What are the recipes like?

"You will need some bread, ham, lettuce, and spunk. Start by bashing one out onto a slice of bread, and then smear your load around with another slice. Add the ham and lettuce and eat".
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger
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That's depressing.
It reminded me of one of the nicest desserts ever

Which I will never be able to eat again.