Hi pit...
long time no post....
anyways whats on my mind today is age,how soon it sneaks up on you...
I'll be 23 years old next month i had my first child three months ago,still pretty young i thought,and lately i've been noticing signs of aging setting in...
first of all my hair...
The other day my mom was picking up my daughter to babysit while my wife and i went to work.
so i'm loading the carseat into the car and my mom says to me"hey sam you really should comb your hair your bald spot is showing"and i said"what bald spot might that be?"so she then pointed out where it was,so i ran inside to check,i got the hand mirror and positioned it so i could see the top of my head in the mirror on the wall.
and what do i find .....
a F^(#ing bald spot on top of my head...
and on top of that my forhead has gotten longer every day so far that i've checked...
And then there is my health i receantly found out i have two highend hernias in my stomach...
i can no longer drink beer,eat fried foods or smoke,and every time i tell one of my buddies this they say"oh yea my dad has one of those"....

Am i getting old?
i am too young for this Sh!t.
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in your own words.

it's not rape, it's surprise sex!
Don't rush through life and take better care of your health. Problem solved.
it's what getting hitched and having kids (apparently) does.
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Especially faggot since homos aren't real people and all.

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I know a guy who started going bald at 17, except nobody could tell because he was 6'6". I didn't know he was balding until we sat behind him in some bleachers.
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don't worry guys his girlfriend is black, she said it was okay for him to say that.

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Yeah, 23 is still pretty young man.

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23? Come on, you are not old.

I think the point is that he is aging beyond his years.
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Yeah it all goes downhill once you've squeezed a few kids out.

I'm a month off 23 too, I feel pretty youthful but I do worry about my parents getting older
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I think the point he that he is aging beyond his years.

he's right i don't feel old(unless you count tired but thats more from lack of sleep)
I Hate My Guitar,My Guitar Hates Me.....
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in your own words.

it's not rape, it's surprise sex!
Did you know you've already lived a quarter of your life?

Man, this quarter-life crisis is gonna suck.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.
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I'm 51 and as of yet do not have bald spots.
Genetics man.
But the rest of my body feels it.

right on man...
at this point i'm afraid to get to 51 lollz
I Hate My Guitar,My Guitar Hates Me.....
We Like I That Way.

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in your own words.

it's not rape, it's surprise sex!
I'll be 25 years old next September.
People say that i look like a 16, maybe 18 year-old.

Just this wednesday, i went to meet up with a couple of friends at their university, and i was mistaken with a freshman. Despite the fact that i entered university almost 7 years ago, and graduated this February.

But it runs in my family... A bunch of us look MUCH younger than we actually are.
The contrary also happens; for example, my brother is 17 years-old, and he looks older than me.

I hope that when i'm 40, i look like i'm 25-ish. That would be awesome.
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Dude, I'm 20. Don't make me shit myself

No, but srs. You've had a kid at 23. Of course you feel old. Just slow down a bit, take some time out, relax, do things that you found fun 5 years ago.
You are too young for that shit.
I'm nearly 24 and I plan to be in college for another two years. Staying in college for a long time causes you to cling onto youth.

I also plan to get braces soon, so that will make me look 16.
I'll be young FOREVER

This life's too good to last
and I'm too young to care.

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I'm also 23 and I'm balding. I buzz my hair with a #1 clipper about every other week. Don't try to hide it because sooner or later it will get worse and you'll start looking like an ass clown.

No I don't have any kids. Although I've been working in a corporate environment for the last 3 years. That's probably why.

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you know im at my early 20s or so I've been told but i feel like getting old,. not because i got old physically or that my body's giving up but because I've lived my last few years in this stupid country where nothing is possible to pull off. i didnt want to study in this terrible conditions and im waiting for some stuff to be finally done that'll let me to finally move to usa and study there. i jsut feel how i could have reached some success thru these two years of waiting.. oh and also thinking how other people manage big stuff in their 20 or 19 or something... oh and one more thing. i just hate how now i can't do stuff i've always dreamed off. already to old for that even tho all i asked was little stuff everybody gets
I'm 18 and I'm going bald.

Think 23 and balding is bad? By the time I'm 23 I'll have a halo.

...Stapling helium to penguins since 1949.
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when i go into stores i get called sir now.

feels weird man.
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I'm 51 and as of yet do not have bald spots.
Genetics man.
But the rest of my body feels it.

I hear ya, brother...

Complaining about being 23...makes me wanna slap somebody!
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As you get older it gets harder to swallow food. This depresses me more than anything.

accually dificulty swallowing is the reason i got checked out and found out about the hernia
I Hate My Guitar,My Guitar Hates Me.....
We Like I That Way.

Quote by meh!

in your own words.

it's not rape, it's surprise sex!
You are getting older and kids sap the life out of you, what did you expect?
Wild Kids Appear!
Wild Kids use LEECH!
Its super-effective

Chill for a bit man. Try to lead a healthier lifestyle and such.
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