What's up, peoples? I've been playing for a couple of years, and I'm pretty good at doing fast scale runs and other metal stuff. I've been working on sweep picking for a while. I've got down the technique, not at shredding speed, but at approx. 16th notes at 120BPM.
There is a problem, though. Even when I'm trying my hardest to perfectly mute the other strings as I sweep, there's always some sort of buzz that pops up from another note that I just played. I have a feeling that it stems from the fact that I'm using a Spider III amp, which is digital, and thus has less dynamics (meaning that strings don't mute as quickly as I need them to.) Any ideas?
I highly doubt it has anything to do with your amp since you aren't at shredding speed unless you have delay or reverb turned on.
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i do the same thing. turn your distortion down. that always helps it sound clearer. thats what i do if it gets on my nerves too much. haha
if you have your distortion channel on, switch it off - always practice on a squeaky clean channel! Of course it won't sound very metal, but tons of distortion covers up lots of mistakes that are made and it may be easier to pick out what you're doing wrong. Even practice on your electric guitar completely unplugged - I used to have a guitar teacher who taught like that on electric guitar, it was different but very good.
^ with sweep picking you do want to practice with gain, the compression brings out any string noise, which is generally the problem to fix with sweeping.

In general though, it's good to practice clean and distorted.
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Try turning down the gain a bit though.

I know it may sound counter intuitive but I "train" sweeping by turning gain to 11/10 and practicing. It helped me make my stuff really clean because it forced perfect technique.
Just the problem is it causes extreme rage if you start out practicing with max gain