hey everybody! so ima to stat a new session for recordings and so far i recorded this demo (it's got mistakes and stuff, i didn't bother with those since this is moer of a sound test, also during the rhtyhm part with synth, it's gonna have a lead guitar on it as well in the real thing). just tell me what you think about the whole sound and whatnot or what's missing, what's overdone. If you dont wanna listen till the end then go to around 3:10 for the solo tone also

Here is the song
thanx in advance guys
I think your guitar tone needs a little bit of work Is it dub'd or no?
It sound fine with the synths which I think it's because the synths are extremely loud.
The low toms are mixed with way too much bass, they seem to have more than the bass drum. The guitar solo is way too loud and just sits on top of everything, try lowing the gain on the lead guitar to clarify it up a bit.

And this is just personal taste but I think the synths don't really add anything to song, Like you just threw them up there. Other than that great song, I can hear the Buckethead influence.
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thanx for the feedback man, i just used 2 different cab sims on guitar that's why it aint that FULL.. the solo... idk just something is wrong with it. it's a bit too loud yeah. the synths were really thrown there
as for the toms, thanx for that, i'll try to cut off some bass, again my stupid speakers aint the best for mixing