just curious as to when i should change strings on my acoustic elec. i play on average about 30 min./day. i have been leaving them on about 2 months on average-what are your thoughts on this??
Whenever you feel like it. I change mine every week or two simply because I don't like the feel & sound of dirty strings. Also depends on your body chemistry, how fast your sweat & oils wear the strings down.
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Also depends on type of strings and manufacturer as to quality of strings.
I dont know about acoustics, but on my electrics i have left them on ther for 6 months before and nothing was bothering me, sure it isnt healthy, but i dont mind the sound of dirty strings, and sometimes life just decides to make you poor
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i leave them on until they sound dead, or until i need them to sound good again. if i know i'm not doing any studio work or playing gigs for the next 10 months lets say, i wont change the strings. i dont care much when i'm not doing anything important. they sound good enough to me. i'm not made of money. i cant keep changing strings every 10 days
I leave my acoustic strings on for a longer time, I love the sound of worn in Acoustic strings, as opposed to new strings so I try to change them as little as possible.

On electric I change then whenever they break.
Here's a quick flow chart as to when to change your strings.

Do your strings sound the way you want them to and play well?
1. Yes
2. No

If 1, do not change them.

If 2, proceed to changing them.

Honestly, just change it... whenever. I used to change my strings every 2-3 weeks because I played really often. Nowadays, I actually haven't changed my strings in a good few months.
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i'm with them - change them when they don't sound good to you. on the other hand, i recommend never to change them just before a show as new strings tend to sound different (and to me, not as good) as strings that have had a few days to break in.
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you should definetely change them when the part of the string on the fret board begans to change color or when you tune them and they dont stay for a long time. i'll about once a month but if it can stay tune for two that's great !! once you get yo kno you;ll guitar more itll be easier to decide