Well, the title explains most of it. I'm looking for an amp that has a 12" speaker and can play in an open space with a band in front of about 300 people (school shows). I find myself listening mainly to Alt., Post-Grunge, and Punk, but also like a good deal of blues and classic rock. Jazz is good too. I don't care much for Metal, so if an amp isn't too great with Metal, I won't be unhappy. I'll also be getting an Epiphone Les Paul Studio or Standard, whichever I can get the best price for a used one. Budget for the amp is around $200-$300.

So have at it.
A Marshall MG30FX?
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Used Peavey Classic 30 I just got one used for less than $300. I play the same genres as you and it sounds great for them.
I've heard demos for the MG30. Sounded pretty bad... I've also considered A Fender Mustang, best modeling amp I've seen, lots of effects. I've been doing my homework, so I know some stuff.
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Is the Classic 30 good for home use?

Sure is, but like any amp, it's not something you want to use in the dead of night. It'll cover your styles well. $300 is indeed the typical price for a used one.
I'll definately look for one. But in the case that I can't find one, what's another good one that can play well at home?
In that price range, the Fender Super Champ XD is a cool little amp... eventually not loud enough for playing in front of 300 people if you're playing with a drummer and the amp's not mic'd. But try one if you come across it anyway.
Vox Pathfinder 15 watt
Orange Crush Pix 35 watt

both are solid state though - and I think 10" speakers ?
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Where are you located?

Tyler, Texas. It's about 90 miles East of Dallas. We have two places here called Mundt and Center Stage, but I guess I can head over to one of the Guitar Centers in the Dallas area if they don't have one here. At $350 though, it is pushing it. I'm already banking on finding a used Epiphone Les Paul for $200, then throw in prices for a gig bag, strings, etc.
If I want a really cheap way out, I found a Crate amp that's $100 and 15 watts, but it has a 12" speaker and a speaker-out. It sounds pretty good, but it's not my first choice.
ZT Lunchbox with a OCD pedal with 18v power cord for distortion.
Get a Tech 21 Boost Reverb and a 1x12 Tonkerlite later on. A 1x15 Jensen Neo could be nice also. It is better to do it right the first time, actually saves money.
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I wish I lived around there thats a pretty damn good deal.
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