I am in desperate need of help since my band will be having constant practises and will be gigging really soon and this needs sorting out. I am a noob with amps/pedals etc. so I would appreciate it if you guys aren't mean :P , ok here we go:

I use a Peavey Valve King 212 Combo Guitar Amp. My guitar runs through a Line 6 pod x3 and into the clean channel of the amp. It sounds great at low volumes, but when I turn it up at band practise I get LOADS of feedback. So I adjusted the noise gate on it, it did a little bit of noise suppression, but not enough. So I tried using the boss ns-2 as well, and it worked even better for low volumes and at ONE POINT (yesterday) it worked brilliantly as a noise suppressor at high volumes. But I then tested it out today (at a high volume) and I got loads of feedback just like before with the ns 2 being almost useless. Even when I turn the threshold up to max on both noise gates, it does very little and drains my tone. It really annoys me knowing that it worked great the day before, I kept the setup EXACTLY the same and BAM it sounds horrible the day after.

What do I do to sort this problem out? It's been bugging me for ages and I was so close to fixing this problem!
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Sounds like you've got it hooked up in front of the amp? If so, try switching it to the FX Loop, so that it'll affect whatever goes from the preamp to the poweramp, instead of only what goes from the guitar / pedals into the preamp.

I had a VK212 a couple of years back, and I used an MXR Wylde Overdrive in front of the amp for some serious boosting and a Behringer EQ700 in the loop for some extreme EQ - normally the setup was very hizzy and gave a shitload of feedback even on low volumes, but after I hooked up an NS-2 into the loop, it was dead silent when I wasn't playing, and I used to play that thing LOUD.

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Are you using amp models off the pod? If so you may want to try running it straight into the poweramp (FX in) instead of going through the preamp on the clean channel.

Run your guitar into the input of the pod as usual, and run the output directly into the FX loop in. I'm fairly sure you'll need to change some output setting on the pod so it doesn't send speaker emulation... but this is what you want to do if you are using amp models off the pod.

This may help you get better results using the noise gate on it, maybe not though.
Be careful running things through an effects loop though because some amps then bypass the eq and knob controls on the amp.
thats the point bluesdriver, you dont want the preamp to be in the picture at all
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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Run the NS-2 BEFORE the POD.
As suggested, you could try the POD in the loop.
Use both gates, but don't run both in the loop...run the NS-2 in front of everything.
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