Hey guys. I've had a Crybaby535Q since about last November, I got it on eBay, and of course, I think it's breaking down on me because everytime I turn it on, crazy feedback and If i barely touch it even if it's not on it'l start making noise, so I've been looking at replacements, I play mostly late 70's and 80's Rock and Hair Metal (think KISS, GN'R, DLR era Van Halen,Maiden, Def Leppard, Randy Rhoads era Ozzy etc.)
here's my setup:
-1986 Marshall JCM 800
-MXR Black Label Chorus
-Ibanez JEMINI OD/Distortion (i don't use it much but occasionally I'l use the OD as a boost)

So yeah if you could help me out it would be great, I was thinking about trying a VOX i've also been hearing good things about the Ibanez Weeping Demon.

Maybe a new crybaby, i love mine and haven't had any problems with it. I bought it new

Just a silly suggestion, but have you swapped out the batteries before dismissing it?

Otherwise see what you can try out at a shop
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I also had a 535q and it stopped working, i don´t really recomend buying another if you had a bad experience.
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I am thinking about getting a Wah from BYOC. Currently I have a Dime Crybaby from Hell and the bypass sucks tone. I could make the Stewmac bypass pedal and then leave the wah on constantly, but it would mean I would have to stomp on that box to activate the wah. Plus, I can't seem to get enough range on the Dime Wah. Anyone else hade experience with the BYOC wah?
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Ibanez WH-10 (2). great wah that does well with distortion. i play a lot of 70s - 80s hard rock and metal and i found the ibby to work better than any of the other wahs i tried (at least that didn't cost an arm and a leg)
The MXR CAE and the Ibanez WD7 are the best wahs out there, unmodded, IMO.
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