Hi guys

i've just joined UG too ask this question so...
recently i found a levin classic guitar
i've looked into the background of the company and they closed down in the late 70's and started producing 1920's(i think)
the guitar is not in too good nick
it has the label on the inside of the body sayin levin co, and so on.it also says handbuilt in sweden.
it has a registration number but i couldn't get anywhere with it.
like i said i have no idea about it, but know it must be a vintage

any information please??
Does it have a model number? I found a '62 Levin Model 112 that's going for 5500 swedish kronor (~600 euros) so that's telling me they made some decent guitars.

Here you have some of their catalogs and prices
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Martin D-28
ill have a look.
i tried this other website with the reg number but i culdnt find it thanks
right i have been lookin at the 1973 book and foun one that looks very alike. the lg19 is most simmular.
which guitar are you selling and on what market...i would like to sell the one i have
i know levin made goya guitars which was a big name in the sixties.

I bought an LG4 a few years ago - pretty much in mint condition - and wanted some info on it. Thought I´d share since this page popped up when I searched for the quitar.

Levin guitars is actually still up and running in Sweden but dont seem to have any homepage or anything. Nowadays they mainly produce budget guitars and as far as I understand the production is pretty much a two person operation run by a married couple that are nearing retirement age. It´s the only guitar "factory" still running in Sweden although we a have a few good luthiers...

Anyhow... The Levin LG4 is a model produced in the mid seventies - from around -73 to -76. It´s a good quality budget guitar quite frankly, but handmade from quality Wood and at least mine sounds pretty darn sweet. I certainly would never trade it in for ANY other nylon string that I´ve ever Heard so far... (I prefer D´Addario Pro Arté High Tension (the blue) EJ46 strings.)
Spruce top and mahogany back and sides, and neck also. Fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood.

As far as value goes it´s a tricky matter. Generally they are valued at about 2000 SEK in Sweden - which amounts to around 250 €. They´re not that vintage yet. But conditions vary a lot, and while some people don´t rate their LG4;s all that high, many like me would never sell theirs at all. Whether that's a matter of taste or formidable luck having found an example as good as mine - I don't know...

The Levin guitars are known to commonly have very high string settings, sometimes ridiculously so (like mine did), affecting playability - something that can be adjusted by a luthier for a reasonable price.

Vintage Guitars in Stockholm, Sweden, has some info about different Levin guitar models. (Sorry but links arent allowed.)