This is the intro to the cover of the Bee Gees' To love somebody by Ray Lamontagne

I really like the way he plays with the chords in the intro.

I believe the Chords are G, F, C, G.

I tried playing around with them and try to replicate the hammer-ons and whatnot but can never have it to sound like Ray's.

I know some people can figure those things out by ear and I'm including a video so hopefully..

I'm well aware this is probably fairly easy but I'm having a hard time anyways being an intermediate/beginner player

Thanks in advance !

Here's the version.

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Hey, this is a lovely song but they play it very bad
Keep practicing. You won't have a questions like this in the future.
Here are the chords from A major

This recording from you tube is in G major. So if you want to play along, just play one whole tone down (transpose the chords)