I'm thinking about trading my basswood Fender Telecaster HH Blackout Special Edition for a Mahogany Epiphone Les Paul Custom. I've already been told not to but I'm just THINKING about it. I told the guy if he throws in money than I might trade. I want the money so I can put in different pickups if I get the Les Paul. Originally I've been thinking to take out the neck completely and just putting a EMG 81 in the bridge, considering I never use the neck and I have no money to get an EMG 85 for the neck But I've been looking at the DiMarzio D Activator, which is cheaper, but the music I play (hardcore/metalcore Drop A# stuff), THE pickups are EMG's. And I might sound like a complete dick but I'm not looking for a unique sound, just that signature metalcore sound. But if this D Activator is what it's said to be than will I HAVE to sell my Fender? Idk. Anyways my question is what would you say I do?

Should I get the Epi and put the EMG or a D Activator in it or should I keep the Fender and put a D Activator?

ALSO what's better? The D Activator or the EMG 81?

And as my father always said "If It's good enough for Parkway Drive than it's good enough for you."

Jesus I wrote a crap load...
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There are no words to accurately describe my disdain for this post.
I love my D-activators, both 6 and 7 string versions. Hated the emgs I had in an old guitar.

But that's just me, which one sounds best is down to your ears not mine.
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