Anyone know where to buy clear bobbins for humbuckers, or even just cheap humbuckers already made with clear bobbins? I know Gibson made a few pickups with clear bobbins and Seymour Duncan are making some of their pickups with clear bobbins as a custom shop order but I'm after the bobbins to wind the pickups myself. I'm looking for an actual parts supplier preferably or failing that at least some dirt cheap pickups that I could strip down and rewind. I've tried searching around of course and come up with nothing, hoping one of you guys might know some obscure parts supplier who carries clear bobbins.
Ah see I'm in the UK, our eBay doesn't come up with USA listings. Those have all sold anyway though and it doesn't look like that seller has any more. Guess I'll shoot them a message and see if they can rustle up a few but for now, any more links and leads will be much appreciated!