Hey there! I need help picking a new guitar.
Im considering a few different models by Schecter.
1. Schecter Hellraiser Avenger
2. Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR
3. Schecter Damien Elite Avenger FR

I originally wanted the Synyster custom, but a few things are keeping me from getting it. Mostly the price, as its $1000. And also I dont want to copy Syn.
I love floyd roses, and ive learned to set one up, as I have the C-1 FR, just not the hellraiser model. But I also know there a real pain sometimes.
So what do you guys think? Any experiance with these guitars? Any input is greatly appreciated and welcomed.
All I've played out of those was the C1 Hellraiser without the Floyd. It was awesome. Ultimately try them all out and see which you prefer but I my choice would be the C1 Hellraiser FR. Those things feel/sound/look so good. The cutaway is nuts. So big and comfortable and the EMGs are cool too if you're in to metal or even blues.
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