hey im trying to be do the best i can achieve in guitar and the only way to get this is to try to understand music theroy a bit better. My uncle already taught me how to figure out the names on each frett witch each string. I also know two scales, but i want to know more of the music theroy itself, but i cant understand a certian part, which is this. http://www.musictheory.net/lessons/15 to me the simple and the duple look the same, so could someone explain these better if possible? Ty
duple means two theres two beats in each measure
like triple there are three beats in each measure

simple means that each of those beats can be divided into two withouth having any left over

tats really as simply as i can put it

if you have any specific questions feel free to ask

also make sure your reading the lessons in order it really helps
with theory you just have to keep reading it and eventually till stick andmake sense
also try to use and apply it to help oyu understand it bettert
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Read the lesson again from the start, it explains it very clearly. Look at all the examples, if it doesn't make sense after that then I'll try explain.
oh wait i read that wrong, completely wrong, my bad i get it now lol, ty guys

sorry guys i read that in morning and i didn't quite understand it. so i was going ask my uncle but never got the chance so i ask the question here lol.
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