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Pit, you're at a friend's. Not a close friend, it's a special occasion and you're a guest. This is fancy stuff. You eat dinner and suddenly NEED to crap. There's no waiting for this; it's a now kind of thing.

You excuse yourself to use the bathroom, but it's basically liquid. Now you're all comfortable and feel better, but alas, there is no toilet paper. No paper of any kind, in fact, nothing you can flush down the toilet. But there is an assortment of towels in all shapes and sizes.

What do you do.
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White are
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In my infancy
Red and yellow then came to be
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Lets me see.
This ones easy...

Use the towels then upper deck 'em. Finish dinner,eat dessert,kiss the cook then beat feet.
wash your ass in the sink.
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Honestly, this is why I carry a cheap handkerchief in my pocket. Y'never know when you're gonna need a disposable cotton cloth. Everyone should do this.
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This ones easy...

Use the towels then upper deck 'em. Finish dinner,eat dessert,kiss the cook then beat feet.

This man knows the protocol.
For Frodo!
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Use your socks or your underpants. Or, you can jump in the shower and try to direct some water up the crevice.
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wash your ass in the sink.

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Thank you Jesusaurus.
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Just shit on the carpet instead.

WTH!! why would there be carpet in a F****** bathroom?? that's nasty as hell!!!
ok this is easy just sit there and....and, and....ok **** it bro ur screwed..

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use my hand, wash my hand.
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Holler for some TP

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