"Outspoken": Nice production! Your vocalist is a great screamer, and the BG singer is great, kind of like what Alexisonfire has with George Petit and Dallas Green. I'm having some problems hearing the guitars on the less chuggy parts.. The synths on the intro are a little loud, and get a little distracting in one part during the bridge. The snare needs turned up during the chorus. Overall, great impression!

"The Daylight Falls": Great production once again! I liked this one a lot more. Liked the synth intro. Has a great chuggy feel. The synths are less overbearing on this one, and they gave it more of an industrial/djent feel. Liked how you stripped everything back for the bridge (sometimes less is more). Again, snare needs turned up. Liked the cliffhanger ending! Awesome!

Overall, great work! For now though, it would be really cool if you let people download the songs until you guys are ready to sell them. Keep posting! I'm surprised I'm the first person to give feedback on this.

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Thanks for the crit on my song

Outspoken was a really good song, well constructed and very well produced. Only problem I had with it was the clean vocals were a little off/not to my taste at times.
The daylight falls I felt the drums were a little sloppy near the start, and again I wasn't too keen on the clean vocals.

Out of interest what d'you do in the band?
Thanks a lot everyone.

\m/Gaz, I'm not actually in the band. I did the recording/producing. I'm trying to help the band out as much as possible though.
Really great home recording quality, Really enjoyed the effect on the vox in the chorus. I like the double bass drum rhythm with the little stutter step, keeps the listener grooving but guessing. Good throat as well, I felt like some of the clean guitar in the bridge didn't blend well with the lead and my n umber one dislike of the track or with this style overall is the incorporation of keyboards. It just seems unnecessary and distracts me from the melodies and its kind of cheesey. Again just my opinion...overall I really enjoyed it
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
All I can say is.. "Ummm whoah" haha I love them! I don't like the vocals just because that's not my style but musically it has a good sounding level and quality. It might just be me, but the bass drum sounds a little to high-end. Could use a more bassy boost. Overall, I like them! Sounds real good! Keep up the awesome work!
Thanks for the reviews! I couldn't get any of your songs to play (in Safari)! It's not unusual for me to have problems with the Facebook player set up.......I tried it on Firefox & it played! "The Sandman": not sure about what the talking is about, but the keyboards sound quite impressive! I have to wonder if a sequencer was used. Either way, very well played/written! "Outspoken": the vocals are a bit heavy for my taste, but good for the genre. Drums and guitars sound very good, all of the playing is tight. Instrumentally sounds quite good to me!
This is awesome. Both songs have great structure. I didn't find many of the riffs or melodies boring or out of place. Recording quality is excellent. The harsh vocals sound great.

If there's any criticism to be made at all, I would say the clean vocals need some work. But other than that, fantastic work.
I just listened to Hyper Beam, LOVED the intro, do you mind explaining how you got that progression? Its really sweet sounding. As for the rest of the song, it sounded out of place, was all over the place and didn't really have an resolve as far as I could tell... But thats just me. Overall nice
Really awesome music. Love the screams. Some of the best tunes i've come across on here. Seriously. Probably will illegally download sometime, 'cause i'm a douche like that. Haha. Great structure and amazing quality. I liked "The Daylight Falls" more than "Outspoken". Good cleans too. Sick tunes.

Wow, hadn't checked this thread in a while. Thanks for all the kind words everyone.