I salvaged a nice reverb tank out of a hybrid crate amp, and I was wondering If someone could help me find a good schematic thats not too complicated

All I've built is a small booster pedal, but Im pretty sure i've got the hang of circuitry now and Ive always wanted to build a reverb pedal.

thanks for any help
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Reverb is pretty straight forward when you're driving a spring tank as all that's really needed is a drive and recovery stage. As such, most of the designs are pretty similar (reinventing the wheel and all that). One thing you will run into though is that most designs call for a bipolar power supply in the range of 12-15V.

As for specific schematics to look up, I'd check Craig Anderton's Stage Center Reverb (Guitar Player 1976) or if that's too complicated Accutronics had (I think they may not host it any more) a generic schematic which they commonly used (original drawing 12-28-81). There's PAiA's Hot Springs which is just about as bare bones as you can get - or an interesting take that skips op amps is G. Forest Cook's 1998 reverb which calls for 3 2n3904's and an lm386.

I'd probably start with the Hot Springs but keep in mind that some components may need to change depending on the resistance of your spring tank.
accutronics has schematics on their website.

it's just input, driver, recovery, output.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer