has anyone else heard of them? or like them? i really dig their album courage to grow and it's one of the few albums that have ever spoken to me. a few of their songs fall flat with me bit imo its still a really solid album. i havent checked out their second on much though so dont really have any input on it.

courage to grow http://youtu.be/h5PESJgUHx4
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Seen em live, they're aight.Rich suburban kids worshiping them in my area has kinda ruined them for me though.
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I've heard of them. They're pretty good.
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I'm a big fan. Check out their self titled EP, the song Change the System is great. Also their sophomore album is worth the listen
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They're good, I saw them back in November with Tribal Seeds and Passafire. Rebelution was definitely the worst of the three, though they were still good. They're a good band, but there's much better reggae, reggae-rock groups out there. Check out:

The Movement
Orange Grove
Fortunate Youth
Mystic Roots Band
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Tomorrow's Bad Seeds
Tribal Seeds
The Black Seeds
Clear Conscience
Jah Roots
The Dirty Heads
Part One Tribe
Close Enough
The Northwest Sons
Through The Roots
Toko Tasi
880 South
A Bear With A Car On Top
The Green
Top Shelf
The B Foundation
Cornerstone Roots
The Holdup
Green Room Rockers
Roots of Creation
Lefty At the Washout
The Expendables
Redeye Empire
High Tide
Outlaw Nation
New School Dropouts
Eleven Fingered Charlie
Stone Ave.
John Brown's Body
10 Ft. Ganja Plant
Common Ground
Fear Nuttin Band
Rootz Underground
Natural Incense
Three Legged Fox
Fat Freddy's Drop
Pacific Dub
West Swell
77 Jefferson
One Drop
3rd Alley
Stick Figure
King Tubby
Lee "Scratch" Perry
The Scientist
Mad Professor
Sly & Robbie
Augustus Pablo
Rootikal Riddim
Toots & the Maytals
Peter Tosh
Bunny Wailer
Dennis Brown
Jimmy Cliff
Bob Marley
Barrington Levy
Buju Banton
Half Pint
Tippa Irie

that should be enough to get you started hahah