so what is this thing? like why would i want one fr my gibson? i do understand that it is essentiallya bridge with finetuners, but is that it?

anyone have it or used it? whatd you guys think?
The Gibson TP-6 is a hardtail tailpiece with individual screw-down fine tuners. It was immensely popular in the late 70s - early 80s, but fell out of favor as the whole "vintage" thing took off by 1990. The only Gibson guitar I know of that still comes with one stock is the B.B. King Lucille ES-355 signature. The TP-6 was massive and very well made. I rather miss them.

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I had one on my Les Paul before I put a Bigsby on. I love them. With a really accurate strobe tuner, they're way faster to get the tuner to stop exactly on the right pitch than the down - up method with even the highest ratio tuners. You're changing the string's tension a lot less, and getting it closer to exactly the right pitch, so there's a little bit of added tuning stability, or at least time until the string goes out of tune.

They're heavier than regular tailpieces so you get a little extra thump, not a ton, but you're definitely not sacrificing tone for tuning convenience. I got a set of locking studs from stew-mac for mine and I feel like the combination added some sustain, though it's always hard to tell when there's 20 minutes and a set of new strings between the old and new setup.

TP-6s used to be cheap, I got mine for $50. They're twice that much now, and at that price I'm not sure I'd buy one. They're really nice, but nothing you can't live without and nothing that's going to blow you away at $100. If you can find a used one for less or get one on sale, it's a nice addition.