Hey guys,
I still do not exactly know how to palm mute, the way I learned it is that you tack the back, palm of your right hand and you put near the bridge so that it mutes all the string but then when I play on the G or B or top E strings you cant here anything because the hand is muting the string ones I play.
Is there anything i'm doing wrong?
BTW its not because I press on the strings to hard because I tried and no matter how much I lift my hand its or that you cant here because of the palm muting or you here the other strings vibrate.
Please help,
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That's normal, you just have to back your palm away to play the thinner strings. It could take some practice but I don't see why you would want to mute those.
Palm muting is typically only used on the lowest 3 strings, but if you do need to Palm Mute the top 3 you'll have to be a bit lighter on the palm, and move your palm back towards the bridge.
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