For Sale:

Peavey ValveKing 112 Combo. Good condition, never gigged £180
Peavey Vypyr 30 with Sanperra 2 pedal. Good condition £160

Located in Kent - Prefer Local delivery / pickup and will travel a reasonable distance to meet if it helps avoid posting.
The amps have not been gigged or used extensively so are in great condition. Grab yourself a bargain.
You got the footswitch for the VK??
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I think so...
are all of the midi cables, power cables and software included with the vypyr?
Cables yes definitely, but I don't remember it coming with a software disk. I'll check the box when home as it may be with the manual
dont worry about the software, the important thing is the firmware updater thing which ive just found on the peavey website.

finally, any chance i could get some pictures of any wear and tear? if all seems good, ill take your offer for the vypyr and sanperra 2 for £160
Excellent, I'll takes some pics tomorrow. Would you like to pm or post your email? Should be with you in the evening.
Hello - I've not received your PM so have tried to PM you my mail address. Pics are ready
hmm i havent recieved a PM either...

i'll just post here (remove spaces; should help me avoid the address being seen by any spam bots)

a bhik habra@ goo glemail.c om
Vypyr and Sanperra now sold. Thank you mr ask768.

FS VK112
Initially I was looking for low hassle easy sale as I dont have pay pal etc. Would you like me get an idea of cost?
It probably would. I'd want to send recorded insured delivery though. How do you propose paying?

Would you like to pm me your email and send me your postal address so I can get a proper quote on postage and send you some pics?
Sorry, can't buy it now my dad needs some money to repair his car and I won't get money back until end of month :O sorry dude. Otherwise I would have brought it. Good luck though