I don't know if I'm posting in the right category but how would you get a Bob Marley type tone?
Never tried but look on Itunes they have an EQ setting for reggae and I'm sure if you replicated it with your amp's EQ you might have some success. I'd tell you what the settings are but I'm not at home at the moment.
A lot of treble and little bass!
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nice clean setting on your amp, a little reverb, and a Wah/Envalope filter. Lots of up strokes.
set all the EQ to 12 o'clock and adjust from there adding or taking away hi,med/low.
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I think reggae tone is more to do with playing style than anything.

any bright clean tone will work for reggae, and preferably a combination of the bridge and middle pickup, but for reggae rhythm playing the main thing is to do a lot of palm-muting, and find a way of bringing out as much of the picking sound as you can, so you get a very short, percussive sound.

you've gotta get the technique right, otherwise no amp setting is going to work. cranking up the treble is just going to make it sound ear-splittingly harsh which is really not what you want for reggae at all, although turning the bass very low might not be such a bad idea, you don't really need the bass frequencies in your guitar tone, because the bass guitar in reggae will more than likely have those covered
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