Im thinking of buying a new amp. I have now a roland cube 40xl, but i want now a tube amp.

I saw a second hand Marshall jcm 800 combo, and jcm 900 combo and a jcm 900 head with 4×12 speaker. They all cost about €550.

I like guns n roses, Van halen, AC/DC, Kane and that kind of music.

Do you think i should buy one of those or should i buy a new tube amp. My budget is about €500.

I thought this is a really good deal because if you buy a new tube amp for that amount of money you wont get an amp as good as the second hand amps.

What do you think?

I have a Epiphone les paul standard plus top.
Yah you can generally get a lot better if you go used.
You dont want a jcm900 unless its an slx though.
and the jcm800s need to be the single channels.

Look into the laney tube amp gh/aor tube heads as well they are pretty nice.
Kane goes international? weeeee!! :P

I wouldn't go for a marshall..
there is a JCM DSL 60 W in the budget IIRC

I would go for a Jet City, or a laney gh50

exactly in your price range
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