Hi all. Looking for some guidance here. I want a little and cheap guitar that I won't worry about taking places. I have my lovely tanglewood at home but it never goes with me anywhere because it's too big/precious.

I've seen some really cheap classical guitars about, and kind of fancy one for playing in the back of the car on road trips and around a fire on campsites etc. I know a £25 1/2 size guitar will sound awful, so take that as a given, but my questions are:

1) Will my adult fingers be able to play it?
2) Will putting steel strings on it work (not worried about trashing the guitar, but may want extra volume)

Has anyone already got one of these? I figure it's worth a £25 experiment to find out the answers to these questions and more, but if anyone already has please let me know. I'm thinking something like argos item 5450428.
The cheap classical guitars surprisingly don't sound awful, if anything they can have a real sweet sound if you put expensive strings on them. For around 30 pounds, it's really not bad. As for putting steel strings on it, i doubt it'd work - and there's plenty of volume in nylon strings anyway, and personally i think nylon is nicer. Also, these guitars are easily replaced.

Yes adult fingers will be able to play it.

Tbh the amount spent won't get you anything, but it'll get something decent, nylon is the key.
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some are playable, most that i've seen at that price absolute crap. i've tried a few of them.

btw, all my smallest guitars are 3/4, not 1/2, and i'd suggest you try that size as the smaller ones need to be tuned up to g or a or the strings are too wobbly. i'd also suggest you get a steel string guitar if you want to use steel strings, because classical guitars don't have truss rods, so the tension of steel strings will harm them rather quickly. also any classical guitar will sound bad with steel strings, which makes more volume a moot point. who wants to hear bad tone louder?
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