Hey guys, here's another track I've recorded this time going back to metal, I'm not particularly proud of the mixing here (the guitars seem to really creep up in volume at the end... oops) but instead i wanting to focus on my writing abilities. Part one: http://soundcloud.com/lights-4/recreate-part-2-1 part two: http://soundcloud.com/lights-4/recreate-part-2 thanks for listening!
the intro sounds really cool, very nice but creepy at the same time. I like the beginning of the second part a lot, with all of the stops and starts, very cool. Whole song reminds me a lot of older BTBAM, which is a good thing haha. I dont think it needed that slow breakdown part at the end though. Everything other than that was really cool man!
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Very eerie intro, i like it a lot. The clean guitar tone was nice but everything else sounds kinda lo-fi and i think your distorted guitar had a little too much gain and sounded kinda muddy. As for composition i liked both parts, i can tell BTBAM/THA influences in the second one, who are also my favourite bands. Some brilliant riffing in this. The drums sound a bit iffy but serve their purpose fine.

So yeah mixing is the only thing i'd work on here, you have a great potential for an amazing track here.

- Jim
Thanks for the crit on mine.

Mixing issues aside (I feel like the dirty guitar should almost drown out the clean intro when it comes in) this is awesome. I can definitely hear the BTBAM influence. Only thing maybe, the drums sound like they should "mirror" the guitars a bit more. Which is, in a way, good. It means your guitar parts are solid! The breakdown at the end feels like it needs heavier bass, but that's mostly a production thing. Good work! Keep recording!
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thanks for the crits guys, and yeah btbam is one of my favourite bands (Colors is the greatest album ever). I never really did much production work at all except for adjusting volume levels, and think its about time i got around to properly mixing this stuff, but i have no idea where to start, any suggestions or links on where i can find a guide for this?