I love the tone and harmonics of my flextone 3XL on the 87 jcm800 /4x12 celestion 75's. was wondering would the real thing be even better
does that mean i like the sound of a 87 jcm800 or do i like the sound of my flextone.
also line 6 said some versions of the 800 clip a diode for distortion while the one they modeled used a tube for distortion would there be a significant difference
I also love the cornford mk50h /4x12 greenbacks 20's I love how the drive blends the 2 channels as the drive and clean are in serie and gives a plexi type breakup with a vox definition
I know i wouldnt be getting one of those though.
So question....should i be on the lookout for a marshal jcm800
I have a cab that i havent checked the ohms on that i think would make the flextone sound even more like the real thing????
I would still try to find an older jcm 800 ('82-'85) if you can, even if just for fun, and give it a try. I'm not 100% sure whatsoever, but I believe the clipping started around '86 onward.

I personally have played a 1983 Jcm 800 2204(not stock tubes) and I really enjoyed it. Had a very similar sound to the late 70's JMP heads, if not a tad gainier. I'm a huge fan of the big marshall mid growl, so i'd love to know how the flextone fares against it if you ever have the pleasure of comparing the two side by side.
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The flex tone gives you about a 90% true sound, but it will not sound 100% like those amps. Try one out if you like it you like it.
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