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Hey what's up awesome people of UG? I'm here to promote my band from Phoenix, Arizona:

Check us out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/itsalongstoryaz
Or on Distortion Radio at www.distortionradio.com/itsalongstory (Just Signed up, Could use some friends on there!)
And Vote for us at http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/Its_a_Long_Story and help us play Warped Tour in our home town!

We have 3 songs up for your audio pleasure, coming out with our band website very soon where you can order some shirts, stickers, Demos, wrist bands, etc..

So add us, listen to us, and vote for us! We appreciate all our fans and friends!
You do realize the intro to Shirts vs. Blouses is a direct rip-off Unholy Confessions right?

I'm kind of over this style, but you guys don't sound too bad. Just nothing that hasn't already been done. Your lows could use some work.
Thanks for the response man! We know Shirts Vs Blouses needs to be redone. It was the first song and first recording. We've all matured and grown a lot since then and we're re-doing it next month, but thanks for the comment!