so im thinking of buying an ibanez sa260fm off ebay and replacing the pickups.....i want to replace the HSS setup to HSH...anyone have any experience in this area?
would it be worth routing the pickup?
also the pickups i want to install in the guitar are: crunch lab dp228 in the neck and a liquifire dp227 in the bridge...does anybody have any idea what single coil would go well with these two pickups?
not worth routing, just get a single sized humbucker like the air norton s, and a true single coil for the middle, maybe a true velvet or the single used in the ibanez JEMs
gman128 is right. It isn't worth routing the body for a pickup change. A single sized humbucker is a better option; The Air Norton S is awesome too, as is the Pro Track. Again a true single coil would fit nicely in the middle position, Fast Track 1 or Cruiser would balance well
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Thanks for all the advice...just bought the sa260..the reason being that im very limited in my choice of super strat style guitars as im lefthanded...going to order pickups now soon ...im thinking ...liqufire in the bridge..air norton s in the neck..and a Iscv2 in the middle ...any thoughts? i want a tone similar to john petrucci ..love his tone..
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but aren't guitar-related questions supposed to be forbidden here?

Anyway, to stay on topic... That pickup combination is quite nice for a lead-style tone, which Petrucci uses on his solo albums.
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below is the sa260fm ..delivered today!all in all not a bad guitar for the price..will make a nice little backup when the dimarzios go in..just a small question...white or black picup covers? Thanks!