I have an Ibanez Artcore AG75, and when I was restringing it, I realized (I'm no expert) that the bridge is not actually attached to the guitar, but rather held down by the tension of the strings. What is the best way to restring it to maintain the tuning? I realize that if the bridge is not put in the proper place, the string length from bridge-to-nut will be different, so the frets won't necessarily match up and it will sound very out of tune.

Thanks so much!
when you restring a guitar with a floating bridge only change 1 string at a time. can you see where it was on the guitar? maybe a scuff mark ?
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you can't put it back in the wrong place it sits on little bolts

This is not a Tune-o-matic. This is a hollowbody bridge, like a Gretsch.
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Or check intonation on the E's and put it in the appropriate place.

Just restring one string at a time man. I ran into the same problem.
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You shouldn't need to ask this question. You should know how to check your intonation, it's basic guitar maintenance. When you check the intonation you'll know immediately if the bridge is in the right place or not.
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