I decided that I want an 80's marshall jcm800 since i'm told its got the sound i want, but then realised how many types of JCM800 there was and unsure of the differences between models and years.

Do they all sound much the same or do some have big differences in the sound?

Sorry if its a stupid question and thanks for your help and by the way, im planning on getting a combo if that makes any difference to my question.
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Anything with 5s in it (except the Silver Jubilee) are usually avoided afaik, as they tend to use diode clipping trickery in their distortion channels, which doesn't sound very good.
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When people talk about the 800s, they are most likely referring to the classic single channel ones (2203 & 2204). The newer 2 channel models have more gain on tap, but the 800 tone is characterized by the original.
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so I should get any of the early single channel versions and i'll be fine?
The 2203 (100 watt version) andd 2204 (50 watt version) are the best. 2205 and 2210 aren't liked as much due to diode clippings for gain.