We are starting a semi prog-metal band in Whitby, Ontario and need a drummer, bassist and vocalist.

The influences range from Opeth, Fates Warning, some DT & Frozen (the Boston based prog band), as well as Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Tool & Hurt.

For drummers and bass players - just be able to handle time signature (and some tempo) changes.

For vocals we need someone who can sing melodically/emotionally (clean vocals are a must, being able to growl would put you ahead of others). Also, I'd prefer a singer that doesn't sing insanely high (if you are a guy, sound like a guy), I'd rather someone with minimal to no range that sings with emotion/conviction (basically a hard-rock vocalist would be a good fit).

Anyone interested can send a recording (or link to said recordings) to maniac-guitarist@hotmail.com along with what position you are going for.