the bit at the beginning, was me just getting set up, i know im not a great singer (a pretty crap one tbh) it my first full song, its all improvised so there may be mistakes, its also done all in one take, with no layering so sorry if the recordings a bit crap, see my description of it for further details.

will review others works as requested, especially if you provide a link

Nice try dude, guitar sounds out of key with the song. May want to invest on trying to get a recording unit so that you can directly record your guitar because its extremely quiet. Or you could mic your amp, however you want to approach it.

Voice seems good, just need a bit of work with the emotion and the synchronization of the song with the key. As for what I could hear from your soloing melody, it was kind of out of key, need a bit more practice

Would love to see more a more focused approach though! Keep working on it dude.

Check out my latest instrumental here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1451665

Would love some feedback!
As I am someone who is "starting" out in making my own songs/instrumentals and recording I can relate to your current situation and can hopefully give some good advice.. Here is some of the things I can say about your song (good points and bad points)..

1) The guitar sounds out of key/tune. I mean this for both the rhytm playing and the soloing. look into Keys of songs and chord progression. Also, look into the Minor and Major pentatonic scales. If you get a chord progression in A Minor (for example), you basicly play through the progression then just improvise with the A Minor pentatonic scale. But when improvising try to stay in time and in key with the chord progression...

2) A bit quiet, do like JocTraex said and invest in recording equipment. Either a cheap mic or even a cheap multi-effects pedal (like what i use) for less than £100. (I have my C4C at the end of my post, i use a RP150 multi-effects pedal to record and it was about 90£, new... However, as you like to sing, i would recommend a mic for both singing and guitar recording)..

3) Nice voice. Although you say its crap, i think its okay. Im not going to lie and say your amazing but for the type of music your making, i think it suits it quiet nice. IMO you should keep singiing on your solo stuff, but if one day you find a very talented singer who wants to work with you, go for it.

4) I like how your putting the short solos in throughout the song. Its a really nice feel. Although they don't sound that nice because of tuning/key problems, it still feels very "fluent" in the sense that you are mixing it up a bit.

I have a few tips from one newbie to another:
1) Dont give up when you feel like your crap at guitar/singing. Chances are you are not crap, you are just having a bad day or you feel "crap" beacuse subconsicenly your comparing yourself to people like John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, Slash, Brian May, Jimi hendrix etc... Just keep reminding yourself that as long as you keep positive, you will be good (even if it takes time).

2) Don't feel down if you make a recording and it sucks and you think "man, my track is crap". Don't worry about it, you WILL improve if you just record as much as you can and get feedback on them.

3) Also, when you make a really good track, don't then use it as an excuse to take a break from recording/playing for a few days. I did this with my "4th recording ever" on my profile, and after i did it, i was really proud and didnt record for a few days... Try to stay on track

4) Always ask for help on UG or someone you know from school/family/friends. Even if its not "help" and just a bit of inspiration or incouraging words. Remember that all musicians work together. Music is not (Well SHouldn't be...) a competetive world. Although it may seem like that with all the media, in reality people who make music, make it because they love it and will help anyone out with anything.

**If you wanna check out my first recording, PM me... My first one,2nd one and 3rd one were all done using a computer mic and they sound terrible. Also i badly improvised on them and its horrible. But if you listen to my 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 recordings, you will see the improvement I have made and hopefully it will give you inspiration. Just PM Me if you wanna see them.


Here is my C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1452721