I'm looking for a new guitar but I don't know much about picks and stuff.

Basically I don't know which one to buy from these two. I know I should play at both and make my decision afterwards but I would like some background information first.

I play in a 'hard rock' band and I like to play with quite a lot of distortion. I recorded our demo with a blacktop HH and it sounded good.

Any tips? thanks!
Well, someone told me to go for a vintage reissue.

It's a bit more expensive i guess? But what about the sound?
I swear by single coils, they have much better tone and voicing IMO. But for hard rock with distortion, the black top will suit you a lot more.
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With the music you play a humbucker equipped guitar would be much easier to control.
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You hear a lot of reference about Teles in terms of their "twang" sound. That comes from the single coils, particularly the ones mounted directly on the bridge. Think about how much you don't hear that in typical hard rock. In addition single coils are often referred to as noisy when you start pushing a lot of gain on the amp.

The HH Tele will give you a much more "Hard Rock" sound out of the box, and even more so if you swap for some darker voiced pups later on. Also I don't know what amp you have but I'd invest in a somewhat darker voiced amp as well i.e. avoid fenders, check out peaveys, marshalls, mesas
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Thank you very much all!

I have a hughes and kettner statesman and a marshall. Mostly play on the h&k. I'll buy a new amp in a year or so when I have the money!
Whichever feels better. I have noise rock and stoner metal songs in my profile, all of which were recorded with a Strat and Tele. It's all feel. Gear doesn't define genre, you do.
Quote by Sushi Ziggy
Well, someone told me to go for a vintage reissue.

Whoever told you that is such a tool.

Vintage Reissues are Fender's most expensive non-Custom Shop guitars, and are usually $1K+
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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