I hope I'm posting this in the right area because I'm kind of a forum noob.

I've had my guitar for about five years and have been playing guitar about as long (without any lessons), so I'm also kind of a guitar noob. Anyway, I've wondered for a long time if my ASAT Special is right for the variety of styles I try to play. Usually, when I look up similar models on YouTube or wherever, the demos I find feature the more twangy styles, and I so I wonder if they're better suited for that sound.

You can find G&L's description of my model by following this link:


The styles I play include jazz, metal, punk, and ambient; the artists I try to emulate include The Fall of Troy, Sigur Ros, Rancid, Rise Against, Thursday, For Today, Write This Down, and mewithoutYou. I like clean styles certainly, for jazz or Sigur Ros or whatever, but I also like a nice, full, meaty distortion for something like Rise Against. Maybe my playing is a bit broad. Perhaps I'd do better with a Strat? I gather that they're pretty versatile.

Also, I have only one modeling amp and no pedals or effects boxes. My amp is a 30-Watt Line 6 Spider III. And, also, do you know of any decent multi-effect boxes for starters (something with some nice delay effects)?

Many thanks to anyone who can help!
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The guitar is a good guitar much better than a Fender in that price range. You could swap out the pickgaurd and put some tele hot rails, or go Humbucker. Take it to a guitar tech and ask them what that would cost, if you like the guitar it may be worth it to up grade it.
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