Normally the sound of my guitar is fine, with no unexplainable buzzing or strange sounds. However whenever the cable pluged into the output jack is pushed up it cuts out. This doesn't happen when it's pushed down, left or right. I'm not sure what's causing it since I looked at the jack's wiring and there were no problems I could see like twisted wires or problems with the soldering.
Since the jack itself is sealed (I can't see if the posts the jack's supposed to touch have bent or something, but looking down the hole they seem fine to me).
Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to rectify this myself?
your breaking the inner part of the jack away from the tip contact. stop doing this it will cause problems. Try using a wrench and tighten the jack.
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This is what the jack looks like https://www.drumsetc.com/Details.asp?Product=13317&List=276&SubCategoryID=299&Manu=34&PL=&PH= so all tightening the bolt would do is stop it falling out. I'm not sure what I would need to tighten.
Also the guitar has a V shape so I sit with the jack resting just above my leg so sometimes it gets nudged by it. It isn't a constant problem but the need to be careful while bending is starting the get on my nerves
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