In many guitar stores, one sees the Martin LXM and its variant LXK2. From what I understand about the latter model, there is no difference between it and the former, other than cosmetic. (Please correct me if that is not the case.) They are all totally laminate. The LXM is available in a couple colors, The LXK2 has a koa veneer on top, which gices a totally different look than the others--but being laminate, probably not different sound.

I am surprised how well and full these sound, for such a small guitar, including much bass. The stree price for these models seems to be $279 everywhere.

I had seen on the Internet, however, another model, the LX1. That is mostly the same as the others, but with one substantive (not just cosmetic) difference. The LX1 has the same HPL laminate back and sides as the LXM and LXK2, but it has a solid spruce top. I assumed the LX1 would sound better, having a solid top. The street price of the LX1 uis only $20 more than the others, $299. I figured that the extra $20 is probably worth it, to get a solid top instrument.

The only problem--although I have seen the LX1 online, I had not seen it in any store, in order to try it out.

Finally, I saw the LX1 in a store yesterday. But it was left-handed, which I am not. I asked the clerk about it, and he came from the back with an LX1-E (electronics added.) I am not interested in the electronics, but I figured this is a way to hear the LX1.

I was surprised,. that I did not think that the LX1 sound better than the LXM (k2), to my ears at least. In fact, I thought rhe LX1 did not soedund as good as the other models..

Of course tthere could have been other reasons for the difference in sound, such as the strings on the two instruments, etc.

Has anyone here tried both the LX1, and the all-laminates such as LXM and LXK2, and let us know what differences, if any, you heard in the sound?
the lx1 sounded a little more resonant to me, but honestly not much, and it had maybe a hint less bass. and you are correct, the only differences between the all hpl little martins are cosmetic. btw, i don't think that's actual koa veneer, either.

you might want to try a laguna ld1. it's got a solid top and sounds much better to me than the little martin - although you may feel differently.
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