It seems like your in total control of your bends! i wish i was too :> it was a nice cover, as said before the vibratos in the beggining where a little forced (or whatever you call it), the tone you got after half the solo, when you switched on a little wah if my ears work properly, was great! overall a damn nice cover
I just wanna say that I wish you would have held the final notes of those short phrases at the beginning a little longer. To me, it sounds like you end it abruptly the way you immediately slide out like that.
Hey, great cover! Very tight playing, I heard every single note and for me that is very important. I think your tone is great, it fits perfectly to the song. Great control over the techniques.I really enjoyed that one. Keep it up!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr4SGBY2V3g