Hey all

Was just wondering if there were any takers to the idea of an online collab?

I've been writing music for a couple of years but I really feel that the input of other musicians would really push some of ideas into amazing territory. Always wanted to be in a band but honestly, I can't find the right company here so I thought I'd reach out to those a little further from home.

I play a variety of styles ranging for a little bit of metalcore, rock 'n' roll, punk and such, writing lyrics, playing guitar, bass, drums and a lil bit of vocals. I work primarily in guitar pro to get all my ideas planned out so if anyone who gets involved uses the software, it'd really help.

I hope that someone takes an interest cos I'd love to work with other people for once as opposed to just doing musical work on my own.

If anyone fancies it, please get in touch either here or by sending me an email at iamlucasc@hotmail.com

Thanks everyone!
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hey dal i've been looking to do the same thing myself. i think it'll help both of us out. pm me so we can get on our way.
I've sent a PM and email to you Dalek. Three's company, right?
That's a Bingo!!! Is that the way you say it? "Thats's a bingo?"

-Cols. Hans Landa AKA The Jew Hunter,
Inglourious Basterds
Wow, what a coincidence! I was going to write almost the same post as yours! However, I am very attracted to your suggestion and I am looking forward to understand what are you planning more precisely. I am in, PM me with more details!
Hey everyone, I'm not sure if my PMs have been getting through but it's brilliant to see everyone getting interested in the project. Kraig82 have started a demo which I'd love to get everyone else involved with Once that song's finished, we can discuss what we're doing afterwards collectively?